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"The only thing to do is to enjoy it as much as you can without any regrets."
―Ao Yodogawa

Ao Yodogawa (淀川 逢生 Yodogawa Ao) is a character in the anime SELECTION PROJECT. She's the representative candidate from the Chuugoku region.

Ao is a member of the idol group 9-Tie and the subunit SPLASODA°.


Ao is an athletic and has participated in national athletic competitions. She doesn't like to sit still and is always moving around. Ao has a serious, polite, and refreshing personality.

Other Data[]

Q&A - February 2021
Qa ao.png
I'm Ao Yodogawa. I used to do track and field, so I'm confident in my running speed! Nice to meet you!

Q1: What are you hobbies?

Muscle training. I used to do it all the time when I was running track. Moving your body feels good, doesn't it!?

Q2: What is your weakness?

I'm not very good at studying... I can't sit still...!

Q3: Who do you admire?

My dad! He used to be an amazing track and field athlete!

Q&A - March 2021
Qa ao march.png
I'm Ao Yodogawa. I had a hard time in the beginning of March because of finals... I can't wait for spring break...

Q1: What is are the PR points of your hometown?

One of the best things about Hiroshima is the Hiroshima Toyo Carp team! I love watching their games, so I support them!

Q2: What is your favorite food?

Bone meat! It's good for your muscle and stamina! I wanna eat meat of the bone!

Q3: Tell us about your current obsession!

I collect sneakers! Let me know if you have some that are cute and easy to run with!


  • The name Ao means "meeting, tryst, date, rendezvous" (逢) (a) and "life, living" (生) (o).
  • Ao's surname Yodogawa means "pool, eddy" (淀) (yodo) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).


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