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"What am I doing here?"
―Hiromi Hamaguri

Hiromi Hamaguri (濱栗 広海 Hamaguri Hiromi) is a character in the anime SELECTION PROJECT. She's the representative candidate from the Kansai region.

Hiromi is a member of the idol group 9-tie and the subunit SPLASODA°


Due to the influence of her two older brothers, Hiromi has a tomboy-ish personality and hates to lose. In her hometown, she has a reputation for being cool, and is especially popular among younger girls. Hiromi likes to stand out and is a good leader.

Other Data[]

Q&A - February 2021
Qa hiromi.png
I'm Hiromi Hamaguri. I'll keep a positive spirit and keep goin'! Stay tuned!

Q1: Who do you admire?

Mmh~ The Prime Minister, for some reason!

Q2: What kind of clothes do you usually wear?

Casual clothes, I guess. But I also like to wear girly clothes... Just kiddin'!

Q3: What is your hobby?

Watchin' comedy! I feel refreshed when I laugh a lot!

Q&A - March 2021
Qa hiromi march.png
I'm Hiromi Hagamuri. Read my interview this month too!

Q1: What are the PR points of your hometown?

Osaka is famous for its comedy and there's a magnificent castle! The people are passionate too!

Q2: What are you good at?

Positive thinking! Leave fantasizin' about fun stuff to me~!

Q3: Tell us about your current obsession!

Lookin' for up-and-coming comedians! There are a bunch of entertainin' people out there, even if they're small!


  • The name Hiromi means "wide, broad, spacious" (広) (hiro) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).
  • Hiromi's surname Hamaguri means "beach, sea coast, river bank" (濱) (hama) and "chestnut" (栗) (kuri/guri).


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